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Article for BackYardgardener 
My name is Christopher Angus.

I’m an internet marketer and an expert in getting websites visible on the search engines, predominantly Google.  I’ve been involved with the Internet since 1995 and have built an excellent reputation. I was voted #37 “most influential marketer of 2008” and have come in the top 30 in 2009. I’ve been featured in the press and business magazines numerous times and am regarded as one of the top UK Internet Marketers. 
Duncan from has hired me to give my opinion as to how to get more visibility on Google for Nursery and Gardening websites.  This article is has been written from a neutral standpoint and its only intention is to state the facts. Nothing more, nothing less. 
Google is the “king” of the Internet. If your website is ranking highly, you’re going to get visitors to your site and this means your business will be making sales. Traffic = Money, so if you want to sell your products, you need traffic (visitors) to your website. Without them, your website is effectively a shop on a desert Iceland with nobody to buy your wares.

This article will explain how Google’s engine works and how to improve your websites visibility on Google which should in-turn get you more traffic and sales. For the purpose of this article, I will only focus on Google, as it’s by far the most important search engine.  
Google’s algorithm is a big complex mathematical equation which takes many different factors into account - over 100+ to be exact - when it ranks websites.  However, the single most important factor is backlinks. These are people that link to YOUR website from THEIRS. To be clear, this is NOT putting some links on your own site and linking out to other relevant sites that your visitors may find helpful, this will only help the sites you are linking to, not yourself! This is 99% of what it takes to get good rankings on Google, if you can get other websites to link to you, you’ll get higher rankings and traffic to your website.   
There are a few caveats as with anything in life, I will explain:  
Not all links are equal: the better the site, the more it will help. For example, if you managed to get CNN to link to your site then you’re golden and you’ll see an immediate benefit from that. Get a bunch of sites like CNN or “big” sites like that to link to yours and your website ranking and traffic would fly to unbelievable levels. 
Unfortunately, it’s near impossible to get huge sites like that to link to you, so targeting smaller websites where you can actually communicate with the owner directly would be a better strategy and would net better results in terms of link numbers. You do need to get genuine sites to link to you, not link farms or websites that sell links, as those probably won’t help.  
To start you off, is giving away links from their site, which will in turn help your site get more visibility on Google. I’m uncertain as to why he is giving them away, however, I can tell you that they will give your site a boost and help you get more traffic from Google. will link to any plant that is provided per the sign up form, and will be hosted within the Plant Buddy directory.

Why? Honestly, I get emails all the time asking for plants. Why not just provide a full list of plants from any nursery in the world. You provide the links, I provide the visibility.


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