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Datura 'Double Lavender'

Seymour's Selected Seeds Seeds-Garden

Vermont Bean Seed Co. Seeds-Garden

Datura 'Double Purity'

Seymour's Selected Seeds Seeds-Garden

Vermont Bean Seed Co. Seeds-Garden

Datura 'La Fleur Lilac'

GeoSeed Inc Seeds-Garden

Grimes Horticulture, Inc. Bedding Plants

Seymour's Selected Seeds Seeds-Garden

Datura 'Le Fleur Lilac '

Stokes Tropicals House Plants

Datura 'Variegata'

Bluebird Nursery, Inc. Grasses-Ornamental

Datura - Angel's Trumpet, Datura - Devil's Trumpet, Devil's Trumpet

Bill Ingram and Grandsons Nursery Your U.S.A. internet grower and retailer of Bill Ingram and Grandsons NurseryŽ plants.

Datura seeds: Double Golden Queen

Thompson & Morgan Herbs
A dynamic border and container plant with large, beautifully double, frilled flowers of canary yellow. The many flowers are earlier than most varieties and will continue through to frosts. Makes a stunning conservatory plant too. Flowers mid to late

Datura seeds: metel Ballerina Mixed

Thompson & Morgan Herbs
An exciting form of that majestic plant, Datura. Boasts spectacular, upfacing blooms in primrose yellow, flushed purple or pure white. These specially bred plants are neatly dwarf and an outstanding subject for containers. Height 45-60cm (18-24in).