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Tradescantia 'Angel Eyes'

Cottage Nurseries Hardy perennials. Wide general range.

Lodge Lane Nursery Unusual perennials & shrubs incl. Achillea, Astrantia, Campanula, Digitalis, Penstemon, Geranium, Heuchera, Inula, Kniphofia, Nepeta, Papaver, Salvia & ornamental grasses.

Pine Ridge Gardens Grasses-Ornamental

Tradescantia 'Baby Bunny Bellies'

Kartuz Greenhouses House Plants

Rush Creek Growers Inc. Bedding Plants

Tradescantia 'Blue Denim'

LoneWillow Farm From my garden to yours
A long-blooming selection of spiderwort with true blue flowers the color of its namesake. Each 1-2 inch wide, 3-petaled flower only lasts for one day, but the plants have lots of buds, extending the bloom time up to eight weeks. The flowers are

Walters Gardens, Inc. Daylilies

Tradescantia 'Blue and Gold'

Bluebird Nursery, Inc. Grasses-Ornamental

Burpee, W. Atlee, & Co. Bulbs

Forestfarm Bamboo

Fritz Creek Gardens Perennials

Greer Gardens Bamboo

Joy Creek Nursery Clematis

Lee's Gardens Daylilies

Monrovia Growers Evergreens

Van Hoorn Nurseries, Inc. Clematis

Vanstone Nurseries Fruit-Small

Variegated Foliage Nursery Grasses-Ornamental

Tradescantia 'Blueberry Sundae'

Mason Hollow Nursery Evergreens

Tradescantia 'Blushing Bride'

Bluebird Nursery, Inc. Grasses-Ornamental

De Vroomen Garden Products Perennials

Edelweiss Perennials Perennials

Farmer Seed & Nursery Fruit-Small

Glasshouse Works Bonsai

Inter-State Nurseries Fruit-Small

San Marcos Growers Cactus & Succulents

Skagit Gardens, Inc. Daylilies

Sylvan Nursery, Inc. Evergreens

Trans-Pacific Nursery Perennials

Tradescantia 'Bridal Veil'

Skagit Gardens, Inc. Daylilies

Tradescantia 'Carmine Glow'

Skagit Gardens, Inc. Daylilies

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