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Cleome spinosa

Cleome spinosa 'Alba'
Elegant white flowers with long stamens in big open heads, attractive fragrant foliage. 5ft annual, likes sun & drainage


Clianthus puniceus
3” flared deep red parrots beak flowers, big shiny inflated seedpods, fine leaves, Likes sun, drainage and shelter, mulch well 10ft (5 seeds)


Clinopodium vulgare
Small pink flowers from fat furry grey whorls like Phlomis. Subtle, blooms all summer, likes sun, hardy 12” x 20”


Cobaea scandens
Showy vigorous tender climber. Big creamy cup and saucer flowers turn purple. Usually grown as annual, blooms late 12ft.

Cobaea scandens f. alba
Showy vigorous tender climber. Big greeny-white cup and saucer flowers. Usually grown as annual, blooms late 12ft


Codonopsis clematidea
Large pale greenish-blue bell flowers beautifully marked inside. Musky leaves. Tuberous root. Hardy, needs sun and good drainage. 18”


Coleonema pulchellum
Fine fragrant foliage, good clipped, spangled with tiny pink flowers. Borderline hardey evergreen shrub. Likes sun & drainage 24""


Coleus 'Palisandra'
Plain black, large, simple leaves, pale blue flowers (better nipped out). Tender perennial, easy from cuttings 15”


Commelina coelestis
Brightest blue 3-petalled flowers on upright stems. Borderline hardy perennial 24”


Corydalis nobilis
Billow of yellow flowers in spring, pale leaves. Hardy, easy, fast-growing, self seeds. Sun or light shade, reasonable drainage 30""

Corydalis ochroleuca
Froth of creamy white flowers for months, fine leaves. Sun or shade. Self sows 12”

Corydalis ophiocarpa
Pale yellow flowers, grey/russet leaves. Hardy, easy, fast-growing, self seeds. Sun or light shade, reasonable drainage. 20""

Corydalis temulifolia

Corydalis temulifolia 'Chocolate Stars'
Biggest Corydalis I know. Fabulous crinkle-edged rust-coloured foliage in winter gradually paling to olive as the lavender flowers emerge in early spring. Plain green all summer. Seems to grow equally well in sun or shade 24-30"" (10 seeds)


Cosmos bipinnatus

Cosmos bipinnatus 'Purity'
Annual, fine foliage, big pure white, simple flowers. Likes sun, easy and fast 36”plus

Cosmos bipinnatus 'Sonata'
Annual, fine foliage, big pure white, simple flowers. Likes sun, easy and fast 24”

Cosmos peucedanifolius
Hardy tuberous perennial. Big pink flowers like annual Cosmos. Likes sun. Straggly 1st year 30"" (3 seeds)

Cosmos sulphureus

Cosmos sulphureus 'Bright Lights'
Brilliant yellow-orange 2"" flowers, many kissed with red-orange at tips, shimmers with hot colour. Annual, likes sun 18”


Crambe cordifolia
Explosion of fine fragrant white flowers in June. Scruffy after flowering. Lovely seedheads. Likes sun 7ft (10 seeds)

Crambe maritima
Wavy grey leaves, white flowers. Delicious young shoots & buds in April, good both forced or not. Likes sun 24” (10 seeds)


Crepis rubra
Like a crisp pale pink dandelion. Greyish leaves, likes sun & drainage. Hardy annual 12""


Cryptotaenia japonica

Cryptotaenia japonica forma Atropurpureum
Purple-black maple-like leaves, tiny pale flowers. Self sows 18”


Cuphea viscossisima
Adorable annual. Deep purple mouse-eared flowers. Easy, likes sun 20""


Dahlia 'Black Beauty'
Compact very dark red, almost black in sun, single Dahlia. Protect tuber in winter 24”

Dahlia australis
New, possibly hardy Dahlia. Nodding pink to lilac flowers (bigger flowers than D. merckii) 40”

Dahlia coccinea
Brilliant red-orange single Dahlia, wild species. Tender, protect tuber in winter 36”

Dahlia ex

Dahlia ex 'Twynings After Eight'
Seed from white-flowered black-leaved Dahlia. Most will be pale pink with dark leaves. The most slug-resistant one I have. Borderline hardy 40”

Dahlia merckii
Single lavender flowers on 40"" stems, graceful. Likes sun and good drainage.


Datisca cannabina
Greenish white flowers Aug followed by fabulous arching seedheads on 7ft upright stems. Bold hemp-like foliage.


Datura inoxia
Fragrant lavender-white trumpets open at night. Greyish softly hairy leaves, spiny fruits. Poisonous 2-3ft


Delphinium 'Blue Butterfly'
Miniature delphinium, 10”. Brilliant deep blue flowers on airy stems. Short-lived perennial, can treat as annual, collect seed every year. Protect from slugs.

Delphinium halteratum
NEW. Myriad little blue-purple winged flowers. Late-blooming. Probably hardy annual 36”

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