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Delphinium requienii
Shiny leaves avoided by slugs! Subtle mauve-grey flowers. Biennial (or annual if sown very early). Hardy, likes sun, self sows. 30


Dianella tasmanica
Lavender flowers in June, long sprays of big bright purple berries in August. Tender evergreen perennial. Handsome leaves. 30""


Dianthus 'Bouquet Purple'
Intense deep magenta flowers, very vigorous, bred for cut flowers, slight fragrance 36 10 pelleted seed

Dianthus arenarius

Dianthus arenarius nanus 'Little Maiden'
Pure white fringed fragrant flowers above compact clumps of bright green leaves. Hardy perennial, likes sun & drainage 6

Dianthus barbatus

Dianthus barbatus 'Black Adder'
Purple-flushed leaves, deep red-purple flowered Sweet William. Bushy plants 16 Often flowers 1st year

Dianthus barbatus 'Darkest of All'
An almost black Sweet William with very dark leaves. Leafier, fatter plant, better in the garden than Nigrescens. 15""

Dianthus barbatus 'Nigrescens' (more or less the same as 'Darkest of All')
An almost black Sweet William with very dark leaves. More upright so better as cut flower. Short-lived perennial, can treat as biennial 18""

Dianthus carthusianorum
Small bright pink flowers held high above grassy green foliage Likes sun and drainage 20

Dianthus chinensis

Dianthus chinensis 'Black & White'
Large double black and white flowers Hardy annual 14


Dicentra scandens
Delicate ferny foliage decked with yellow lockets. Likes light shade. Dies down in winter, grows 10-12ft up each year (10 seeds)


Dicranostigma franchetianum
Large yellow poppies with grey-green leaves. Erect branching habit. Hardy annual / short-lived perennial, sun or light shade. Good cut 18


Didiscus coerulea

Didiscus coerulea 'Blue Lace'
Beautiful pale blue flat lacy umbels. Older flowers appear to be made of glass. Slightly fragrant. Annual, likes sun & drainage 24""


Dierama pulcherrimum
Arching stems dangle elegant pink flowers in midsummer. Likes sun. Hardy perennial 3-4ft

Dierama pulcherrimum ex deep purple
Deep blackberry-coloured flowers from silver bracts on strong-growing, upright stems 36


Digitalis mertonensis
Fat flared bells the colour of crushed strawberries 36

Digitalis parviflora

Digitalis parviflora 'Milk Chocolate'
Tall narrow spires of small rusty-brown tightly packed flowers above shiny leaves. Perennial, self sows 30""

Digitalis purpurea

Digitalis purpurea 'Anne Redetzky'
White petals split almost all the way up and curving slightly outwards, beautiful and unusual. Hardy biennial, very little seed 30 (10 seeds)

Digitalis purpurea 'Pam's Choice'
Giant Foxglove, 9 foot! spires of white bells with dark purple throats. Hardy biennial, likes shade. Seeds true if no other Digitalis purpureas nearby.


Eccremocarpus 'Tangerine'
VEW Easy short-lived perennial climber, self sows, swags of pale orange flowers. Likes sun 12ft


Echinacea pallida
Long narrow pale pink drooping petals from central cone. Blooms July-Aug, likes sun & drainage 3ft


Echium fastuosum
Large panicles of blue flowers on upward-curving branches, greyish leaves. Likes sun, good drainage and poor soil. Tender or borderlilne hardy evergreen shrub 3-6ft

Echium russicum
Deep burgundy vertical spikes bristle with stamens midsummer. Biennial or 3-4 years. Likes sun and drainage 30 (10 seeds)


Elymus magellanicus
Very blue clump-forming grass. Needs sun and good drainage 15"" (5 seeds)


Erigeron annuus
A billowing froth of little white daisies July-Nov! Not annual, but not long-lived, self sows, hardy, sun 5ft

Erigeron karvinskianus
Profusion of tiny pink and white daisies. Hardy perennial, likes sunny dry position, spreads 6


Erodium pelargoniflorum
Pretty little hardy Erodium, blooms April-Sept, white flowers with purple blotches. Self sows, likes sun, delightful 6"" (10 seeds)


Eryngium alpinum

Eryngium alpinum 'Blue Star'
Big soft lacy blue ruffs around thistle like flowers, spiny leaves. Needs sun and drainage 30 (10 seeds)

Eryngium bourgatii

Eryngium bourgatii ex GST
Graham Stuart Thomas's selection. Wonderful lacy green-edged white leaves, blue flowers on purple stems. Likes sun & drainage. Cull plainer leaves.

Eryngium deppeanum
Low rosette of handsome spiky-edged evergreen leaves. Grey-blue small thistle flowers on 24"" stems. Likes sun and drainage

Eryngium giganteum
Biennial Sea Holly. Pale leaves & flowers in large silvery bracts. Likes sun & drainage, sows itself 36""

Eryngium giganteum 'Silver Ghost'
Larger, more silvery MISS WILMOTT'S GHOST, biennial Sea Holly. Pale silver leaves & flowers in large bracts. Likes sun & drainage, sows itself 36"" (10 seeds)

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