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Big Dipper Farm


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Aegopodium podagraria

Aegopodium podagraria 'Variegatum' (1 product)
Also called Snow-on-the-Mountain and Goutweed. Beautiful bright white and green foliage with umbels of white flowers in the spring. The variegated is less invasive than the species but it is still a very vigorous spreader. Before ordering, check


Agapanthus 'Africanus' (1 product)
Compact tight habit. Pale blue flowers raise up to 2.5 feet. An excellent container plant.

Agapanthus 'Ellamae' (1 product)
Gorgeous, dark blue/violet flowers sway on 5 foot stems above the dark, glossy, strap-shaped leaves that arch gracefully. Agapanthus can thrive on conditions of neglect and naturalize readily. They also make excellent container specimens. In cold

Agapanthus 'Storm Cloud' (1 product)
An enormous plant with huge heads of silvery blue flowers, each with a darker stripe at the top of a 6 foot flower stalk. Foliage height is 24 inches tall. Foliage can remain evergreen in warmer climates.

Agapanthus I. 'Mood Indigo' (1 product)
Info to come.


Agastache 'Black Adder' (1 product)
This new selection has a darker purple flowers than most and is very showy in the landscape, especially when mass planted. Vibrant violet-purple flowers on strong, upright stems from midsummer to early fall. They add a bright spot of color in the

Agastache 'Blue Fortune' (1 product)
Since it's introduction, this great plant has rapidly become the standard. It has a very long blooming season and soft, light blue-violet flower heads. This variety is incredibly attractive to Butterflies and in our border this is their first

Agastache 'Red Fortune' (1 product)
A newer introduction. Continuous and profuse flowering of deep rose flower spikes from June into fall. Ours here bloom well into November. Like a dwarf 'Tutti Frutti'. Wonderfully fragrant foliage, long flowering and very attractive to butterflies.

Agastache 'Summer Glow' (1 product)
Blooms all summer with glowing pale yellow flowers with dark calyces to extend the showy season. A narrow upright habit with bright green foliage. Tolerates both dry conditions and summer watering. All Agastache are popular with hummingbirds. Needs

Agastache 'Summer Love' (1 product)
Massive numbers of dense clusters of large red purple flowers bloom all summer and into fall. Forms attractive upright mounds to 36'' tall of bright green, fragrant foliage. Very hardy, easy to grow and drought tolerant once established. Excellent

Agastache sunset

Agastache sunset Hyssop (1 product)
SEEDS - Botanical Interests - Blooms from late summer to fall. Full sun to light shade. Hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees flock to its nectar-filled bright orange and lavender flower spikes. In full bloom, it is an explosion of color,

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