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Everwilde Farms


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors


Asclepias curassavica

Asclepias curassavica (Scarlet Milkweed) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)
This tender perennial is native to South America, but has naturalized worldwide in many tropical and subtropical areas. It is part of the milkweed family, and as such, exudes a milky sap from the stem and leaves when cut. Monarch butterflies lay

Asclepias exaltata

Asclepias exaltata (Poke Milkweed) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)
Tall and covered with loose balls of white blossoms, Poke Milkweed is a must have if you wish to attract bees and butterflies! It's an important source of nectar for bees and a larval food source for the monarch butterfly and its relatives. Grows

Asclepias hirtella

Asclepias hirtella (Tall Green Milkweed) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)
This tall, perennial wildflower that is ideal for any naturalized planting in dry, sunny areas! The blooms of the Tall Green Milkweed are greenish-white, with purple tips and its foliage attracts butterflies!

Asclepias incarnata

Asclepias incarnata (Swamp Milkweed) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)
A tall, very showy perennial wildflower with large umbels of pink and mauve blossoms. This butterfly haven will naturalize freely, and produce attractive seed pods for use in dried flower arrangements. Named the “Swamp Milkweed” from its

Asclepias purpurascens

Asclepias purpurascens (Purple Milkweed) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)
In the same family and similar in appearance to common milkweed, this wildflower instead blooms a deep rose pink and it's leaves are more pointed. These flowers give way to smooth seed pods, which, when ripe, split open, releasing their silky down

Asclepias rubra

Asclepias rubra (Red Milkweed) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)
This native wildflower (a member of the milkweed family) loves bogs and other wet areas! Pretty clusters of pink flowers produce a lovely show of color during the summer and into autumn! Attractive to butterflies, bees, and/or birds!

Asclepias speciosa

Asclepias speciosa (Showy Milkweed) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)
The Showy milkweed lives up to it's name—it's eye-catching! This native plant has velvety foliage, and in the summer months, produces clusters of star like flowers, pinkish purple in color. This will be a great addition to your wildflower meadows,

Asclepias sullivantii

Asclepias sullivantii (Prairie Milkweed) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)
This species of milkweed is named after the 19th century American botanist William Starling Sullivant. Preferring moist prairie areas, this wildflower is commonly found in river bottom-lands and wet meadows. It differs from common milkweed in it's

Asclepias syriaca

Asclepias syriaca (Common Milkweed) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)
A familiar and friendly wildflower, Common Milkweed spreads aggressively, and will delight the nectar-loving Monarch with its soft pink blooms. A good choice for your large butterfly garden or wildflower meadow!

Asclepias tuberosa

Asclepias tuberosa (Butterfly Weed) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)
These wildflowers are really bright! Brilliant orange clusters top rich, glossy leaves that climb alternately up the stems. It is a gracious host for the Monarch Butterfly caterpillars. You can be sure you'll add a blaze of color to your property

Asclepias verticillata

Asclepias verticillata (Whorled Milkweed) Wildflower Seeds (1 product)
This native wildflower gets its name from the fact that its leaves are whorled along the stem. Small, greenish-white flowers occur in flat-topped clusters on the upper part of the stem. Though toxic to livestock when consumed in large quantities,

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