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Green Thumbs Galore LLC


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Coreopsis "Little Penny" (1 product)
Tiny but oh what a flower machine! Numerous, small copper-colored daisy-like flowers emerge freely over a low pincushion shaped mound. Blooms continuously all summer.


Crassula gollum (1 product)
Interesting, small tree with heavy trunk and succulent, tubular leaves with curved, suction cup-shaped tips. Ideal for indoor bonsai, trough, or dish garden.

Crassula muscosa (1 product)
A unique, branching succulent from South Africa can provide texture and filler for troughs, rock gardens. Slow growing.

Crassula rupestris (1 product)
Much-branched succulent with thin stems and opposite The flower colour ranges from deep pink to pale pink


Datura metel

Datura metel "Black Currant Swirl" (1 product)
Marvelously fragrant and exotic in both color and size, this eye-popping triple datura looks like something from a hot-house

Datura metel "La Fleur Lilac" (1 product)
Marvelously fragrant and exotic in both color and size, this eye-popping Angel's Trumpet looks like something from a hot-house instead of an easy-to-grow, sun-loving tropical you can start from seed!

Datura metel "Mr. Purple" (1 product)
Exquisitely whorled double flowers show off their beauty! In the container or the sun-soaked garden, this summer-blooming show-off is a scene-stealer!

Datura metel "Triple Yellow" (1 product)
Three distinct yellow blossoms within blossoms, in a soft yellow!


Echeveria nodulosa (1 product)
Lovely rosettes glazed with translucent pink and purple.


Echinacea "After Midnight" (1 product)
A very distinctive new dwarf member of the popular Big Sky TM Series with fragrant, dark magenta purple flowers and a black-red cone. The wide flower petals overlap, giving the blossoms a full, substantial presence. For added drama, they are

Echinacea "Coconut Lime" (1 product)
First-ever double white echinacea. The center pompon starts out green and ages to pale lime green with an orange cone. The ray petals are white. These unique flowers are produced atop strong, well-branched stems from mid through late summer.

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