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Green Thumbs Galore LLC


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Echinacea "Pink Double Delight" (1 product)
Half the height of E. 'Razzmatazz' with twice the flower power. Well-branched, sturdy flower stems are perfect for cutting. Blooms all summer and thrives in intense heat & humidity!

Echinacea "Pink Poodle" (1 product)
This pink puppy is prancing into the coneflower arena with amazingly large and fluffy, 4inches wide flower heads. These bright pink flowers are a departure from the E. 'Razzmatazz' hybrids and feature strong, well-branched stems to 3 feet tall.

Echinacea "Summer Sky" (1 product)
Summer Sky ('Katie Saul') has large flat-topped flowers with orange cones and ray flowers that fade in pastel shades from orange to pink like a summer sky at the end of a long hot day. Though delicate in color and fragrance, these strong plants hold

Echinacea "Summer Sun" (1 product)
Here's another new intro for your garden: flowers open red-orange and then lighten to golden orange as they expand and age. Be sure to cut a few of the fragrant blooms for your fresh bouquets!

Echinacea "Sunrise" (1 product)
Soft, citron yellow, fragrant, daisy-like flowers are up to 5 inches across with a central cone that starts out green and quickly gives way to gold. Fades from yellow to cream with age.

Echinacea "Tangerine Dream" (1 product)
Elegant 4" clear orange flowers with wide, overlapping petals that are reflexed. The color holds as good or better than Tiki Torch

Echinacea "Tiki Torch" (1 product)
Large, bright, pumpkin orange flowers. The amazing flowers combined with the upright, well branched flowering stems make this a must have new plant. Excellent vigor!

Echinacea "Tomato Soup" (1 product)
Stunning tomato-red flowers to 5inches wide. A real treat to 3' tall and nearly as wide covered with flowers till frost.

Echinacea purpurea (1 product)
Easy to grow perennial with purple petals and raised centers. Sturdy stems need no staking and will not flop. Quite heat and drought tolerant. Coneflowers are a strong draw for beneficial insects and wildlife, including bees, butterflies, and birds,


Erysimum cheiri (1 product)
Wallflower is a compact, fragrant, old-fashioned plant that is very easy to grow. Flower colors range from pale yellow to dark red


Gaillardia "Oranges and Lemons" (1 product)
Gorgeous flowers in pale orange trimmed with lemon yellow. Stunning in full bloom, its flower power is increased by regular deadheading.

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