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High Country Gardens


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors

'Bella' Blue Grass Plugs (1 product)
This truly revolutionary new dwarf turf grass is the best lawn in shade and part shade parts of your yard. Also suitable for full sun, it requires 30% less water than traditional bluegrass with its roots reaching down 3-31/2 feet deep into the soil.

'Charming Chub' Abies concolor (1 product)
Found in northern New Mexico as a broom (a dwarf branch sport) in 1996. With its tight growth and good blue color, it gradually attains a pyramidal shape. This perfect rock garden tree has non-prickly soft blue foliage. Introduced by Jerry Morris of

'Low Work and Water' Dwarf Fescue Lawn Seed Mix (1 product)
This special Dwarf Fescue Lawn Seed Mix is your answer when striving to enjoy the beauty and benefits of a turf grass lawn without all the work and water. Our ‘Low Work and Water’ Dwarf Fescue Lawn Seed Mix will create the ideal low

'No Mow' Lawn Seed Mix (1 product)
Go ‘green’ with this ecologically sensible lawn. You’ll save time, water, fuel and money while enjoying a deep green, thick carpet of low growing, fine textured turf. The ‘No Mow’ seed mix is the answer to planting a

'The High Mountain' Native Grass Seed Mix (1 product)
This mixture is designed for use in areas above 7,500 feet elevation. Seeding rate is 1-2 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. Best times to seed are either early spring or during summer monsoons, even into late fall. Germination will depend on amount of moisture

'The High Mountain' Wildflower Seed Mix (1 product)
This mix of high-altitude native wildflowers is formulated for use at 7,500 feet and higher. Seeding rate is 1 pound per 2,000 sq. ft., or 20 lb. per acre. Sow in early spring, late fall or even in winter if the ground is workable. May be combined

'The Western Trails' Native Grass Seed Mix (1 product)
Our native grasslands contain some of the planet’s most productive and diverse plant populations. These native grasses hold the soil and protect it from erosion, provide habitat for thousands of species of wildflowers and filter the water that

'The Western Trails' Wildflower Seed Mix (1 product)
No planting of native grasses is complete without wildflowers to fill in the picture. This specially formulated blend of 16 xeric species is the perfect companion to the Western Trails Native Grass Seed Mix and is adapted to the same range and


Achillea & Delosperma Combo (1 product)
Achillea ‘Moonshine’ with Delosperma Cooperi. Includes 3 plants of each for a total of 6 plants.

Achillea 'Moonshine' (1 product)
We recommend ‘Moonshine’ as one of the best garden perennials currently available. It can be used in both xeric and non-xeric perennial borders, as it is highly adaptable in its soil and water needs. The distinctive silver-gray foliage

Achillea 'Paprika' (1 product)
This Galaxy hybrid selection is renowned for its large clusters of bright red flowers. Each individual flower in the cluster also has a distinctive yellow eye. As is the case with all Yarrows, the flowers fade as they age; “Paprika”

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