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High Country Gardens


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors


Agastache rupestris (1 product)
1997 Plant Select® winner. Licorce Mint Hyssop is a superior perennial enjoyed in the garden for its spicy fragrance, uniquely colored flowers and finely textured foliage. It is also a superb hummingbird plant attracting them for several

Agastache sampler (1 product)
Agastache is a showy group of herbs primarily native to the southwestern parts of the U.S. and northern Mexico. Easily grown in good garden soils or leaner rock garden areas as long as the site is well-drained. Some of the members of the Agastache


Agave havardiana (1 product)
Havard’s Century Plant is the “big boy” of the cold-hardy Agave, growing to an imposing size at maturity! A native species endemic to the Davis Mountains of west Texas, this succulent has proven itself to be a very cold-hardy

Agave lechuguilla (1 product)
A clustering Agave species native to the Chihuahuan Desert, this species is very common in the foothills and mountains of southern NM and West TX. Shin-daggers grows to a height of 1 foot with stout, narrow, non-toothed leaves tipped with sharp

Agave macroculmis (1 product)
This huge, montane species is native to high elevations (7,000 to 9,000 ft.) in the Sierra Madre Mountains of NE Mexico. The large, wide leaves are gray-green in color and fiercely spined along leaf margins and at the tip. This is a relatively fast

Agave neomexicana (1 product)
Native to southeastern New Mexico, this is one of our most cold hardy Agave species. The main rosette of foliage is large, heavily armed with dark burgundy spines and often spouts smaller “suckers” around its base. When the plant matures

Agave neomexicana 'Sunspot' (1 product)
To the best of our knowledge, this is the first really cold hardy variegated Agave in cultivation. With its green and cream-yellow variegation and jet black spines, this is a very handsome plant for planting in the ground (West only) or growing in a

Agave ovatifolia (1 product)
Whale’s Tongue Agave is a large, solitary growing plant (no "pups" from around the base of the plant). Our collection of this species, native to the mid-to-high elevation mountains of Nuevo Leon, MX, has very wide, powder blue leaves

Agave parryi (1 product)
An incredible non-suckering selection of Parry’s Century Plant, the seed for our crop was collected on a brutally cold, exposed high-altitude plateau (6,800’ elevation) south of Flagstaff in Coconino Co., Arizona. The silver-gray plants

Agave parryi (Camp Verde collection) (1 product)
A stunning non-suckering selection of Parry’s Century Plant, the seed for our crop was collected from a population of plants living on the high plateau (6,400’ elevation) east of Camp Verde in Yavapai Co., AZ. Here, these huge

Agave toumeyana

Agave toumeyana v. bella (1 product)
Many years of growing this miniature gem in my Santa Fe cacti gardens convinced me of its desirability. However, it was only recently that I was finally able to secure seed of this rare, very cold hardy form of the species. Bella’s thin, stiff

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