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Thompson & Morgan


Plants - 661,234 plants
Vendors - 1685 vendors


Hollyhock Seeds: rosea 'Fiesta Time'
A cottage garden favorite, quickly flowering from seed in its first year. Dwarf robust plants produce stout stems clothed in beautiful double cerise-pink fringed blooms from mid-late summer. Impressive when planted small groups in borders or large


Horizon 'Choir of Angels' F1 Hyb.
A tempting blend hand selected by T&M's Horticultural Manager for their delightful bright colors, gently fading to a central halo. Compact, uniform and early flowering, living in perfect harmony in borders or containers.9 - 12in


Inner gatefold

Inner gatefold Guide
Details to come.


Intermedium 'Pineapple Sangria'
One glance at the attractive fluffy lavender-blue button-like flowers and you see why this plant is known as 'Brazilian Button'. Rubbing the foliage offers even more delight as you will discover its delightful pineapple fragrance. Surprisingly heat


Ipomoea duo
One packet each of Candy Pink and Heavenly Blue. Candy Pink (30 seeds)Vigorous and spectacular climber producing large candy pink blooms, each enhanced by a distinct paler pink 5 pointed cross shooting out from the center of each flower.Heavenly

Ipomoea imperialis

Ipomoea imperialis seeds: Cameo Elegance
Truly elegant, with attractive twining stems of marbled foliage perfectly complemented by vivid, magenta pink blooms all summer. Ideal for adding a touch of style and grace to baskets or climbing through an obelisk or in containers on a sunny patio.


Lavatera trimestris

Lavatera trimestris seeds: Ruby Regis
Large 4in flowers smother the plant producing a brilliant splash of vibrant cerise-pink.

Lavatera twins
One packet each of Twins Hot Pink' and 'Twins Cool White'


Lavender seeds: Munstead
Neat, dwarf variety, strongly fragrant producing a prolific quantity of deep blue flowers. Perfect for hedging and cut flowers and ideal for drying. Flowers summer. Height 30-46cm (12-18in).

Lavender spica

Lavender spica rosea seeds
Attractive rosy pink flowers, cover mounds of fragrant silver green foliage. Rosea is so fragrant, it is used as one of the main ingredients of Eau de Cologne. Excellent planted in borders or containers. Pre-chill 4-6 weeks.


Leek fall

Leek fall Giant 2 - Porvite
(170 days) Excellent not only for the weight of the stems, uniformity, freedom from bulbing and bolting, it also stands well for a long time. Rust tolerant foliage.

Leek musselburgh

Leek musselburgh Improved
Details to come.


Lettuce buttercrunch
Delicious small, compact, dark-green heads with a crisp, crunchy, sweet flavor and buttery central heart. Very slow to bolt and stands well over a long period in excellent condition.

Lettuce little

Lettuce little Gem
Details to come!

Lettuce little Gem Pearl
Details to Come!

Lettuce lollo

Lettuce lollo Rossa
Details to come.

Lettuce mixtures

Lettuce mixtures : Ultimate Mixed
(70 days) (Summer-Fall) An exciting mix of named varieties with excellent Nasonovia (green) aphid and mildew resistance, so top quality lettuces can be produced without the need of chemical sprays. The mix contains a range of colors, tastes and

Lettuce seeds

Lettuce seeds : Salad Bowl
All-American Gold Medal winner. Large, medium-green, slow bolting, non-heading and decidedly tender. Don't pull the whole plants - be selective - go down the row choosing only the largest, tenderest leaves. This way Salad Bowl will continue to

Lettuce tom

Lettuce tom Thumb
Details to come.


Limnanthes douglasii

Limnanthes douglasii seeds
The Fried Egg or Poached Egg plant will attract hoverflies to your garden to beat the aphids. Bees also love this low, spreading carpet of fragrant golden and white blooms that will grace the front of the border, rockery or path edging.


Lupin regalis

Lupin regalis seeds: Morello Cherry
The high quality, large stems of rich cherry and deep cherry keels, contrast wonderfully together. A selection made by T&M, believed to be the fastest first year flowering perennial Lupin we know. Lupin 'Morello Cherry' will brighten any border.

Lupin seeds: Band Of Nobles Mixed
With an exciting and colorful range of robust, densely packed flower spikes produced in early summer, this traditional lupin seed will enhance any garden scene and looks particularly at home in the cottage garden.

Lupin seeds: hartwegii ssp. cruickshankii Sunrise
As desirable and as lovely as any lupin could be. A tall, branching plant with white, gold, bronze and azure blue flowers rising in ascending tiers above blue-green foliage. It is excellent for cutting, fragrant and spectacular when grown in groups


Magic mimulus

Magic mimulus Duo
One packet each of MonkeyMagic and Magic Yellow Flame. MonkeyMagic (40 seeds)Attractive, pure white monkey flowers, mysteriously splashed with vibrant red spots. Flowering from early summer when as if by magic, your garden will be transformed.Magic


Malva sylvestris

Malva sylvestris seeds: Mystic Merlin
A magical back of border plant with many large, silky blooms in shades from rich purple, through mauve, to the highly unusual and elusive blues. Flowers summer. Height 1. 2-1. 5m (4-5ft). Flowers in first year.


Melon seeds

Melon seeds : Edonis F1 Hybrid
Suitable for growing under glass or outdoors. Very early to ripen. The pale orange fleshed fruits weigh in at about 750g (1Żlb). This fantastic flavored fruit has a refreshing, delicate taste. Fusarium resistant. Grow under glass for the earliest


Melons : Ambrosia F1 Hybrid
(84 days) Luscious peach-colored, very sweet, thick flesh with an intoxicating aroma. Fruits 6in in diameter with heavily netted skin. Consistently good yields under a range of conditions.Good powderymildew resistance.

Melons : Minnesota Midget
(75 days) Ideal for small gardens as produces semitrailing vines about 3 feet long. Produces small, round fruits about 4 inches in diameter with thick golden yellow flesh and a small seed cavity.


Mesembryanthemum 'Apricot Tutu'
Details to come.


Nasturtium duo
One packet each of Milkmaid and Black Velvet. Milkmaid (30 seeds)An almost-white nasturtium, featuring delicate blooms in captivating moonlit shades, held well above the foliage. Ideal as a soft contrast in beds, borders or containers.Black Velvet


Niche salad

Niche salad Collection
This Niche Salad Collection consists of one packet each of: Niche Salad Leaves(400 seeds) - An exciting blend that adds a range of tastes and textures to your salads. Includes Leaf Radish, Leaf Carrot,Wrinkled Cress, Kale Red Russian, Red Amaranth,

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