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Mite and Spider Mite

Description: Mites are hardly visible to the eye, but their webbing is the telltale sign of infestation. They feed on most indoor plants, apple and peach trees, evergreens and strawberries, causing yellowing, first along the veins and then over the entire leaf surface. Fruit trees with severe mite damage will have small, poorly colored fruit and early drop. Leaves dry, curl slightly upward; a copper color develops on the bottom of the leaf, and leaves are covered with a fine web.

Solution: Mites are not common on unsprayed fruit trees, as many naturally occurring predators feed on all mite species. Mites only become a problem when insecticides are repeatedly used during summer months, wiping out the beneficial insects. Green Lacewings are good predators of mites. For quick knockdown, use PyolaTM Insecticidal Spray. On fruit trees, Oil-AwayTM Insecticidal Spray or Eco-OilTM Insecticidal Spray will smother mite eggs without eliminating natural predators; apply late in the dormant period - at bud break - when eggs are most vulnerable.


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