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Neck Rot (Onions)

Description: This disease attacks living plants but is often not noticed until onions are being held in storage. Sunken, dried areas start appearing at the neck of the bulb and gradually move down through the entire bulb. Symptoms usually develop after bulbs have been in storage for a month or more. The fungus penetrates leaf tissue, but only affects the bulb. If necks are succulent at harvest time, they provide an entry point for the fungus. However, the fungus cannot attack a well-dried neck.

Solution: Do not apply a nitrogen fertilizer after 8-9 weeks from seeding. Space plants to allow for good air circulation. A regular spraying schedule with Soap-Shield Fungicidal Soap will reduce infection. (Because of the continual emergence of new leaves from the neck, timely and thorough spraying will be required to keep new growth covered.)


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