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Vine & Root Weevils

Description: Adults emerge mid-May to late July. About 5-6 weeks later, eggs hatch into grubs which search out roots to feed on. Grubs feed all season. The worst injury occurs when overwintering grubs feed on roots in spring; plants may fail to put out new growth and die. Since adults feed only at night (making characteristic notches in foliage) and grubs live in soil, this destructive insect is often not identified as a problem. If you see notches in leaves, or wilting (despite ample moisture, especially on container plants), you may assume these grubs are feeding on roots. Weevils increase quickly - as many as 500 eggs per female! They prey on a wide range of trees, shrubs, houseplants and berries.

Solution: Because the adults hide during the day in debris at the base of plants, and grubs live in the soil, eating roots, both stages are vulnerable to control by Grub-Away Nematodes.


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