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Flowers Alive!T 100% All-Natural Fertilizer
Slow-release nutrients ensure a long season of gorgeous blooms

Flowers Alive! releases nutrients gradually to help perennials bloom strong, year after year.

Only from gardens alive! Do your zinnias, begonias and other annuals wear out long before the end of the season? Did your perennials bloom better in years past? If so, your plants could be starved for nutrients! It's time you try Flower Alive!

All-Natural Flowers Alive! slowly release nutrients to keep annuals and perennials blooming longer. And because plants are stronger, they are better able to ward off diseases and insects, as well as stress from heat and drought. Selected nutrients encourage bigger blossoms (and more of them!) without excessive stem and leaf growth.

Work Flowers Alive! into soil when setting out new plants or sprinkle it around plants before they bloom. Side-dress again in midseason.

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