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Roses Alive!T 100% All-Natural Fertilizer
All-natural, high-potency rose food produces gorgeous blooms on vigorous, healthy plants

Slow-release nutrients in Roses Alive! are the secret to larger blooms, more vigorous plants and stronger root systems that are better able to withstand drought.

Only from gardens alive! Unlike other fertilizers, Roses Alive! works in perfect harmony with nature. Here's how: as temperatures warm and moisture becomes plentiful, roses demand more nourishment to sustain their vigorous growth...and that's just when the nutrients in Roses Alive! become more readily available! Unlike water-soluble synthetic fertilizers that force-feed nutrients even when conditions are not ideal, Roses Alive! releases nutrients at a slow, constant rate, as nature intended.

Roses Alive! is tailored specifically for the heavy feeding demands of roses--hybrid teas, floribundas, shrub roses, the new English beauties, heirlooms and others. It's rich in phosphorus to encourage large blooms, healthy roots and disease resistance. Apply 1-1/2 to 2 cups to each plant before spring bloom and again before late-summer bloom. For best results, scratch Roses Alive! into the soil and cover with mulch.
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