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Bulls-EyeTM Bioinsecticide
Targets garden troublemakers but leaves their natural enemies alone

Only from gardens alive! Once in a great while, a new product comes along that truly breaks the mold. Bulls-Eye Bioinsecticide is one of those rare break-through products. A member of a totally new class of pest control, naturally-derived Bulls-Eye achieves results like nothing else now available to organic gardeners:

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  • Controls a broad spectrum of insect pests. Bulls-Eye is highly effective against many types of leaf-eating caterpillars, as well as leafminers, thrips, Colorado potato beetles and even fire ants. Use it on garden crops, fruits, lawn grass and ornamentals.

  • Stops damage almost immediately. Bulls-Eye works faster than most other natural products, stopping damage of targeted insects in little more than an hour.

  • Allows beneficial insects to defend your garden. Bulls-Eye zeroes in on specific insect pests without affecting lady beetles, lacewings and other helpful garden bugs.

  • A little goes a long way. Because Bulls-Eye is so effective, just a small amount of the concentrate controls pests over a large area. Keeps at least two years on the shelf, too.

Potent New Biological Control

Like Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), Bulls-Eye is a biological control product--in other words, it's derived from a living organism. But while Bt is a killed or dormant bacterium, Bulls-Eye is made by fermenting bacteria (in this case, Saccharopolyspora spinosa). Scientists have found that fermentation of this bacterium produces two metabolites that are highly toxic to a wide range of insect pests. Bulls-Eye contains both of these metabolites, making it a particularly potent bioinsecticide--one that controls many more pests that Bt does.

Fast-Acting, Long-Lasting

Bulls-Eye has a unique mode of action, too. When insect pests eat, or simply come in contact with, plants sprayed with Bulls-Eye, they stop feeding almost immediately. Bulls-Eye attacks the insects' nervous systems, causing paralysis in about one hour. (Although pests may hang around the plant for a day or so, they cause no more damage.) Any new pests that arrive on the scene over the next week or two will suffer the same fate! Meanwhile, natural enemies--such as lady beetles, lacewings, minute pirate bugs and big-eyed bugs--all remain to defend your garden against pests not targeted by Bulls-Eye.

Easy to Use

To use Bulls-Eye Bioinsecticide, simply mix the liquid concentrate with water at a rate of 2 ounces (or 4 tablespoons) per gallon of water. Spray leaf surfaces uniformly, using a handheld or backpack sprayer. Most crops can be harvested the day after using Bulls-Eye. If insect problems reoccur, reapply in 1-2 weeks. Bulls-Eye breaks down in sunlight and does not persist in the soil.

Bulls-Eye will keep on the shelf for at least two years. If separation occurs during long-term storage, mix the product thoroughly before applying.


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