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Lawns Alive! All-Natural Lawn Fertilizers
Enjoy beautiful lawns with less watering, weeding and worrying!

Use Lawns Alive! spring and fall to keep your lawn green and healthy, without the risk of harsh chemicals.

Developed, tested and produced by Gardens Alive!, Lawns Alive! fertilizers are all-natural and environmentally benign. The formula includes quick-release nutrients to provide a greener lawn within 10-14 days of the the first rain or watering after application. Other ingredients in Spring and Fall Lawns Alive! release their nutrients gradually throughout the growing season.

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After application, beneficial microorganisms in the soil are stimulated to break down the organic materials and re-establish a natural growing environment for your grass. Nutrient "reservoirs" are created so roots begin to grow down into the soil again, forming a natural, deep root system Thatch accumulations decompose, soil loosens and water soaks deeply instead of running off. As your lawn's natural growth becomes healthier and much more resistant to diseases.

Feed Just Twice a Year

Many manufacturers of chemical-based lawn fertilizers recommend four or five applications every year for good results. With Lawns Alive!, you feed your lawn just twice a year--spring and early fall. If weeds are not a big problem in your lawn, then Lawns Alive! is the ideal fertilizer for your lawn.

Signature Product. Whether you're revitalizing your present lawn or feeding a brand new one, Improved Spring Lawns Alive! is just what the lawn doctor ordered. This all-natural formula accelerates grass growth, improves soil structure, hastens lawn-seed germination, increases resistance to disease and insect pests and makes more vital nutrients available to grass. Its slow-release nutrients and Total Minerals TM yield results all season long. And granulated Improved Spring Lawns Alive! is easy to apply; simply use a drop or broadcast spreader.

Unlike commonly-used organic fertilizers like dried cow manure and dried sheep manure, Lawns Alive! provides the long-term balance of nutrients needed in an intensive monoculture like an American lawn. Spring Lawns Alive! promotes rapid springtime growth of stems and blades and good healthy green color. Contains no urea.


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