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Pantry Pest Trap
Thousands of customers have relied on this efficient trap

The moths usually fill up the inner sticky surface on the bottom first. When it's full, rotate the trap so a different surface is on the bottom.

Is one Indian meal moths trap as good as another? In our extensive testing over many years, and our personal experience, we find the Cupboard Moth Traps the most effective for home use. But if the Pantry Pest Trap has been effective for you and you're reluctant to switch, here's the popular old standby. Why not order a couple of each and compare the results yourself?

Folded cardboard traps attract Indian meal moths with powerful pheromones and catch them on sticky inner surfaces. Place the traps in cabinets and pantries with food products. The lures last for 2-3 months; traps are non-toxic and pesticide-free.

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