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Tomatoes Alive! Plus
Produces 25% higher yields than the original Tomatoes Alive! And oh! What great flavor!

For nearly two decades, gardeners across the country have raved about Tomatoes Alive! Our all-natural fertilizer is a backyard celebrity, famous for producing vigorous plants, big crops and luscious flavor.

And now we've made a great plant food even better. Tomatoes Alive! Plus, with the important minerals calcium and magnesium added, performs 25% better than the original formula.

These minerals:

  • are the micronutrients tomatoes need most because they help build cell walls throughout the plant and increase plant vigor;
  • enhance photosynthesis, the process by which plants convert carbon dioxide and soil nutrients to energy in the form of sugars and starches;
  • stimulate soil microorganisms, which in turn help keep plants nourished and healthy.

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    Tomatoes Alive! Plus is recommended not just for tomatoes but also for peppers and eggplants, which require similar nutrients. With its blend of fast- and slow-release ingredients, Tomatoes Alive! Plus provides the nourishment your plants need for steady, healthy growth and bountiful crops. With just two feedings a season, your plants will produce more blossoms and set more and larger fruit.


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