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Tomatoes Alive! Plus
Produces 25% higher yields than the original Tomatoes Alive! And oh! What great flavor!

This all-natural fertilizer produces vigorous plants, big crops and luscious flavor in tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. 1 lb bag.
As low as $7.45 Each

All-natural biostimulant activates soil organisms and enhances plant growth.

Only from gardens alive! This exciting, all-natural product will work wonders in your garden!
As low as $14.95 Each

Perfect BalanceTM Custom Fertilizers
The only fertilizers custom-blended to balance the nutrients in your soil according to the needs of the plants you grow

Only from gardens alive! Gardens Alive! is proud to offer an exciting solution for your garden soil problems.
As low as $69.95 Each

WOW! Plus
Pre-emergence weed control and balanced natural lawn fertilizer all in one handy application!

Signature Product.
As low as $27.95 Each

Alive! All-Natural Fertilizer
Vegetables Alive!
Dramatically increases yields of lettuce, peas, broccoli, cabbage, beans, cucumbers, melons and more!

Only from gardens alive! Just one delicious, fresh-from-the-garden taste of peas or lettuce, and you'll be glad you used Vegetables Alive!
As low as $8.95 Each

Lawns Alive! All-Natural Lawn Fertilizers
Enjoy beautiful lawns with less watering, weeding and worrying!

Signature Product. Whether you're revitalizing your present lawn or feeding a brand new one, Improved Spring Lawns Alive! is just what the lawn doctor ordered.
As low as $23.95 Each

Root BoostT Endomycorrhizal Inoculant
For faster growth, bigger harvests and healthier soil!

Signature Product. In nature, over 90% of all plants form a beneficial symbiotic relationship with certain soil fungi.
As low as $20.45 Each

Roses Alive!T 100% All-Natural Fertilizer
All-natural, high-potency rose food produces gorgeous blooms on vigorous, healthy plants

Unlike other fertilizers, Roses Alive! works in perfect harmony with nature.
As low as $8.45 Each

Bulbs Alive! 100% All-Natural Fertilizer
Apply in early spring for maximum-size blooms, year after year!

Only from gardens alive!For bright, beautiful bulbs, year after year, you need to feed them annually.
As low as $7.95 Each

Fruit Trees Alive! All-Natural Plant Food
Helps fruit trees grow faster and bear big, delicious harvests!

Signature Product. Fruit Trees Alive! has been specially formulated to meet the growth demands of apples, peaches and most other fruit trees.
As low as $9.95 Each

Shrubs Alive!TM for Trees and Shrubs
Supplies all the right food to your valuable woody ornamentals

Only from gardens alive
As low as $12.95 Each

Houseplants Alive!

Less watering, less repotting ...
  • Restores soil to fertile condition
  • Dissolves harmful salts, maintains soil pH
  • Eliminates root binding
  • Increases moisture retention

Houseplants Alive! restores the natural dynamics in the relationship of soil to plants.
As low as $6.99 Each

Flowers Alive!T 100% All-Natural Fertilizer
Slow-release nutrients ensure a long season of gorgeous blooms

Only from gardens alive!
As low as $8.95 Each

Rose Growers Kit
Special Offer for Rose Growers!

The Rose Growers Kit includes: Roses Alive!, an all-natural fertilizer for gorgeous blooms, and Shield-All II, an excellent fungicide used by rosarians to keep powdery mildew off their roses.
As low as $22.82 Each

Kelp Meal
Improves soil tilth while boosting plants' vitality

100% pure Kelp Meal improves soil texture and fertility, and increases soil's capacity to retain moisture.
As low as $8.95 Each

Lawns Alive! All-Natural Lawn Fertilizers
Enjoy beautiful lawns with less watering, weeding and worrying!

Our improved all-natural organic formula for application in late summer and fall encourages strong root development on fall-sown turf as well as established lawns.
As low as $23.95 Each

Root Crops Alive!T
All-natural fertilizer provides the extra minerals root crops need

Only from gardens alive! We've packed Root Crops Alive! with these essential nutrients in just the right balance needed by root crops.
As low as $9.99 Each

Concentrated Kelp Powder

Soluble kelp extract is more convenient than other forms of kelp and works just as well!
As low as $19.95 Each

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