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Pyola® Insecticidal Spray
Canola oil with pyrethrins -- an insecticide from plants for plants

  • Destroys all stages of an insect's life cycle -- from eggs to adults!
  • Has a residual repellent effect on mites and other insects
  • Uses only vegetable derivatives, not strong-smelling petroleum distillates
  • Does not persist for long periods in the environment
  • Contains no piperonyl butoxide

Signature Product. Unlike most pesticides, it controls all stages of the insect's life cycle, including eggs.
As low as $16.95 Each

Grub-AwayT Nematodes
Quickly controls a wide range of destructive garden and lawn pests

Only from gardens alive! Grub-Away parasitic nematodes are the effective, non-chemical answer to a wide range of lawn and garden problems!
As low as $16.75 Each

PyolaTM and Soap-Shield® Combo
Save on this Special Spray Combo

Gardeners should have these two products on hand right from the start of the season -- Pyola to control insect pests and Soap-Shield to fight disease. Buy combo and pay $5.95 less than if purchased separately!
As low as $28.95 Each

Escar-Go!T Slug & Snail Control
Now, nature's secret slug control is available to home gardeners

Signature Product. Escar-Go! is a unique blend of iron phosphate (it occurs naturally in soil) and a bait that lures slugs and snails away from their hiding places.
As low as $7.95 Each

Bulls-EyeTM Bioinsecticide
Targets garden troublemakers but leaves their natural enemies alone

A member of a totally new class of pest control, naturally-derived Bulls-Eye achieves results like nothing else now available to organic gardeners
As low as $21.95 Each

Serenade SolutionsTM Biofungicide for the Home and Garden
Activates plants' own defense systems against tough disease

Only from gardens alive! With Serenade Solutions Biofungicide, healthy, chemical-free fruit and vegetables are well within your reach!
As low as $24.95 Each

Liquid Rotenone/Pyrethrin

An effective broad-spectrum combination; one of the handiest pesticides.
As low as $15.95 Each

Sta-HomeT Lady Beetles
They stay longer in your garden, cleaning up aphids and other pests!

Adult lady beetles and their larvae are an excellent, non-chemical way to control aphids, Colorado potato beetles (egg stage) and other insect pests in your garden.
As low as $13.99 Each

Green Lacewings Chrysoperla carnea
Best all-purpose garden predator!

Lacewings are the best all-purpose predator for your garden or greenhouse.
As low as $11.99 Each

MVP® II Caterpillar Killer
Effective four times longer than regular Bt!

Signature Product.Caterpillar larvae stop feeding as soon as they eat foliage sprayed with MVP II and die of starvation within five days.
As low as $34.95 Each

Liquid Ant Killer & Bait Holders
A neat, tidy, convenient way to stop ant invasions in your house

Place the baited discs wherever you see ants congregating. In about 7-10 days the ant colony should be destroyed.
As low as $4.99 Each

Fly Paper
Safe even in kitchens

We think it's still the best way to catch and kill flies without poisons or fumes, especially in kitchens and eating areas.
As low as $6.99 Each

Ladd Apple Maggot Fly Trap and Lure
Controls apple maggot flies better than any other trap sold!

Give apple maggots the one-two punch with our new Ladd Apple Maggot Fly Trap and Lure!
As low as $16.95 Each

Kills larvae of the destructive Colorado potato beetle

Only from gardens alive! After eating foliage sprayed with Potato-Shield, beetle larvae stop feeding immediately and die 2 to 5 days later
As low as $21.95 Each

Super-Light Insect Barrier
Keeps out hungry insects

This lightweight row cover provides an excellent all-season insect shield.
As low as $8.99 Each

Mole-Med Dry
Chases moles, voles and other burrowing critters from your lawn!

Don't let moles ruin your lawn! Apply granular Mole-Med Dry and protect your lawn from mole damage for up to two months!
As low as $13.45 Each

5% Rotenone

The all-natural answer to broad-spectrum chemical insecticides!
As low as $15.95 Each

Rotenone/Copper Combo
Handy pre-mixed formula!

Spray or dust! It controls a wide range of common insect pests and plant diseases on fruit and vegetable crops and flowers. 14 oz duster can.
As low as $12.95 Each


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