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One of the benefits of an APS membership is an invitation to join a Round Robin. Information is shared in circulating packages of letters. For new members, this is a great way to make new friends and learn more about Primulas.

What You Get: Robins are packages of letters by members of the Robin group containing information and news on Primula. It may be a general Round Robin, or it may focus on one particular species or hybrid. An initial cover letter from the Robin chairman is sent to the first Robin member on the list. This person sends the first letter and his or her letter to the second person on the list, and so it goes, with each member adding a letter.

Lots of first-hand information and news about individual gardeners and their gardens are yours for the effort of writing about your own garden and gardening experience! It is possible to include seed, and members are encouraged to do this.

What to Do: Write a letter to Candy Strickland, Chairman of the APS Round Robins, and express an interest in joining. She will send you a form to fill in and match you with a group.

New Robins: There are two Robins circulating -- more can be formed. If there is interest in the following topics, new Robins will be formed for those interested in:

  • Hints for Beginners. A mix of novice growers and some comments from more seasoned growers who can supply that bit of information that makes all the difference.
  • Primula marginata. A few experts in the area could be coaxed into writing an initial letter to encourage others interested in growing these fascinating members of the Auricula Section.
  • Indoor Primula. There are some growers interested in Primula obconica and P. malacoides , the two species (and their hybrids) that grow indoors.
  • Primula sieboldii and Sakurasoh. Named varieties of Primula sieboldii are staged each spring in their own little theater by growers in Japan. The increasing interest in these beautiful members of the primula family must mean there are collectors who would like to compare notes.
  • Show auriculas. There is a renewed interest in these compelling, attractive, but difficult members of the Auricula Section. Some of the members who have had success might be willing to share their growing advice. Recommendations for suitable crosses, if you are thinking of hybridizing your own seed, could be described by growers with knowledge of the characteristics of these jewel-like plants.

Send your name in now! Candy will match you up with other APS members sharing your interests. Write to:

Candy Strickland
6911 104TH S.E.
Puyallup, WA 98373

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