Begonia bowerae ( Begonia Bowerae )

Begonias are tender perennials, grown for their colorful flowers and foliage. Most begonias can be grown outdoors in pots, in the ground, or in hanging baskets in filtered light and moist, but well drained soil. Where not hardy, grow as annuals or indoors as houseplants. Most begonias can be propagated from leaf, stem or rhizome cuttings in addition to being sown from seed. Begonia bowerae grows from a creeping rhizome. The foliage is very attractive, featuring small, unincised leaves. Flowers are profuse, white and pink in color, blooming January through March. This plant enjoys filtered light but can take some sun in winter. Soil should ideally be moist. Likes humidity. Hardy. Does not like cold weather. Pinching tips and pruning outer stems in the growing season gives a bushier plant, good for hanging baskets. Remove dead foliage to prevent disease.