Begonia rex ( Everest Begonia )

Begonias are tender perennials, grown for their colorful flowers and foliage. Most begonias can be grown outdoors in pots, in the ground, or in hanging baskets in filtered light and moist, but well drained soil. Where not hardy, grow as annuals or indoors as houseplants. Most begonias can be propagated from leaf, stem or rhizome cuttings in addition to being sown from seed. This bushy begonia has attractive foliage with hairy, wide leaves. The flowers are pink to white. Stemming is upright and zig-zag between the nodes. This plant enjoys filtered light but can take some sun in winter. Soil should ideally be moist. Begonias grow very well in peat-based compost also. The cultivar, ‘Everest’ has leaves of brilliant silver with deep green central veins.