Brassica oleracea ( Asparagus Broccoli )

‘Spring Raab’ generally matures in 45 days. It is an heirloom variety with tender buds and stems. Can be planted from early spring to late-summer. 1 inch flower bud clusters and small leaves. This vegetable is a hardy biennial grown as an annual. A member of the cole family, it grows to about 2 feet tall and resembles cauliflower. Broccoli has four stages of growth: rapid growth of leaves, formation of the edible head, formation of embryotic flowers (a resting period), and development of flower stalks and seed. Broccoli is a cool season plant that will bolt when temperatures get too high: plant from late summer through winter in mild climates, or in cold areas, set plants out 2 weeks before last frost. Frost will not hurt young plants, but hard freezes can be damaging. A dozen broccoli plants is considered enough to feed a family of four. Plant broccoli in a sunny, well worked area and space plants 2 feet apart with 3 feet between rows. Water deeply and fertilize twice before heads develop. Harvest usually takes place about 50 to 100 days after setting plants out, while heads are still tight. Rotate area that broccoli is planted in each year