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Jacqueline advises on Homegrown Cut Flowers

Experience the joy of cutting and arranging home grown flowers this summer. Surprise a friend or decorate your house with the homegrown touch. Planting and cutting flowers from bulbs is an inexpensive and natural alternative to buying your favorite blooms, furthermore it is great fun. Create your special cut flower corner, or go all the way and have a cut flower garden, there is no need to cut into your well-planned borders. Most summer bulbs make great cutting flowers and are very easy to grow.





Getting Started

For the best varieties for your taste and area please consult our Bulb Advisor and Style Advisor.

Next to well-known cutting flowers like Dahlias, Lilies and Callas there are many exotic and rare flowers that are very suitable for cutting. These varieties are indicated with the cut flower icon on the product page.

Create a cut-flower corner or use out of sight containers; it would be a pity to cut into a wonderful created border.



For best Result 

Garden flowers need to be in good health and well watered the day before they are picked.

Cut flowers in the morning before the sun and temperature rise. Cut flowers when they are in fat bud, showing color.

Leave at least one third of the foliage in order to keep the bulb in good health for seasons to come.



Arranging your Blooms 

Combine cut flowers according to your taste, try not to stick to trends too much but look at the colors and objects in your home you wish to accentuate.

Enjoy the gift of giving, share cut flowers with friends and family; they are beautiful, personal and homegrown.

Good luck, 


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