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Return of Romance

After having dominated what seems to be every still life painting in the 17th century, the Parrot Tulips’ popularity had to make way for simpler, sleeker lines to follow. But with the inevitable return of Romance, so does the unmistakable shape of the Parrot Tulip make its way back into our back yards and living rooms.





Unlike the early 17th century where nobody understood how but some tulips just burst out with more texture and color then entire fields combined, today we have numerous registered varieties of Parrot Tulips on the market. Still not all of these are guaranteed to grow, and further more, most of them are not suitable for general horticultural use. Most varieties are only suitable as cut flowers since the stems are too weak to carry the large textured blooms.



Garden Planting

The TulipWorld collection of Parrot Tulips are tested and guaranteed to be the best garden varieties.

Seeing a Parrot Tulip in bloom is falling in love with Parrot Tulips all together. The best way to enjoy them is in groups. Plant them in containers or in borders, in bold amounts. They do not need to be combined, their richness of color and texture is enough to satisfy the most demanding of needs.




Cut Parrot Tulips are best enjoyed on tall stems. Cut them low and arrange them in tall preferably footed vases. This allows them to bend and hang low, allowing them to come to their full glory. Combine them with simple field flowers like fritillaries or woody branches. You can make single variety arrangements or combine many different Parrot Tulips in one vase. This creates the effect of a 17th century Dutch Masterpiece.


Growing your own Parrot Tulips for cutting or garden fun is a very inexpensive alternative to buying them at your local florist. They add romance, color, texture and old world charm to any environment. 

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