Callicarpa japonica ( Japanese Beautyberry )

C. japonica var. taquetii is very much like species, but has smaller leaves and berries, the fruit tending to be paler in color as well. C. japonica hits midway between C. bodinieri and C. dichotoma in size, usually about six feet in height and width. C. japonica sometimes bears white rather than pink flowers. Where most plants are known for their flowers, the Callicarpa genus is known for its showy clusters of berries. These deciduous, full shrubs have nice, rather neutral looking leaves and delicate pink, early summer flowers that preceed the purple berries which persist through fall, if the birds don’t eat them that is. Callicarpa thrive in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun or dappled light. They are especially at home along the wood’s edge. This plant flowers and produces fruit on the current years growth, so prune hard when buds begin to swell in early spring.