Carex lupulina ( Hop Sedge )

C. lupulina is a member of the Sedge family (Cyperaceae) and is as widespread as the grass family, but are especially common in wet or moist habitats in temperate and subarctic zones. The stems of sedges are solidly filled with pith, and do not have nodes. They are triangular in cross section. The leaves are arranged in three rows, with sheaths usually fused around the stem. Leaf blades of sedges are usually grass-like; with evergreen or semi-evergreen foliage. Sedges are wind-pollinated, with flower-heads almost always in spikelets. This is deciduous, clump-forming, with upright stems to 30 inches tall. Flowers abundantly in late spring to early summer. Large female flower spinkes are 1 1/4 inches long, resembling hop flowers.