Rock Garden Clug Prague (KSP) Study Weekend

The last was held in the mountain hut of the Masaryk University Brno, in Cikhaj, Zdarske Mts, Ceskomoravska vysocina, Moravia in October 16-18, 1998.


(in Czech, translation or bilingual speaking):

1. A lecture marathon
- J.Burgel: English shows, new Saxifraga hybrids
- V.Holubec: Altai expedition 1998
- Z.Zvolanek: USA and Canada, Alaska
- Z.Rehacek: Top alpines in cultivation

2. All year round
- short slide shows brought by members

3. Small hike to the mountains,
- visiting of a great witches broom on top of 30 m high Picea abies, diametre about 2 m!