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They have changed to offten over the years... this section is no longer valid.  

Seed Sources

Terry's Delphinums in NZ


Not Enough to read on Delphiniums?

If you want to know more about the background of your favorite plant, whey spend ages searching for information. Our Year Books with their infinite variety of topics may have the answers.

We have Year Books for 1984 - 2002 inclusive available at 2.5 pounds each and limited stock for 1974- 1976 and 1978 - 1982 at 1.5 pounds each. Both prices include postage. Cheques should be made payable to 'Delphinium Society'

Overseas Members should send either currency in $(USD) (84-95 $8USD, earlier volumes $5USD) or cheques in Sterling (payable 'Delphinium Society'). Please add $5USD (1 pounds) for Air postage and handling.

Order for books, together with payment, should be sent to:
Please write to
Shirley E. Bassett,
Church Road


Are your delphiniums a failure despite all your efforts? Do your delphiniums look like 'poor relations' to those pictured in the Year Book?

Help is at hand - consult 'SIMPLY DELPHINIUMS'

The Society's handbook gives you all the information you require to grow excellent delphiniums throughout the year from seeds to cuttings, describes how to deal with pests or diseases, and tells how to produce blooms to wing the 'Jackpot' at the Show.

Available to members or non-members at 2.5 pounds, including postage. Cheques made payable to 'Delphinium Society' please.

Overseas: Please send either Currency $10(USD) or cheques in Sterling. Add $5(USD) (1 pound) for air postage and handling.

Plant Care

Fault Possible cause Rectification
Delphinium will not start to grow in spring 1. Rot caused by wet weather
2. Slug appear. Damage
1. Change & renew conditions
2. Top up antislug to see if new shoots

Delphinium has started but will not grow quickly. 1. Soil Mixture too weak
2. Lack of water
1. Try nitrogen additive.
2. Adjust by watering, 2 gallons per plant.

Delphinium has no florets or they are full of holes. 1. Delphinium has caterpillar tracks which are not good for delphiniums. 1. remove caterpillars.
2. respray.

Delphinium is flat. 1. Spikes need propping up. 1. Repair damage.

Florets pinking or bleaching. 1. Delph running too hot.
2. Too much sun.
1. Overheating give plant some shade 2. shade

Delphiniums growing normally but the top is running up rough or bent. 1. Fasciation 1. Do not replace.

Supposedly blue delphiniums turns out to be horrid mauve. 1. Faulty model 1. Return to dealer.
Provided by Roots Group.


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