Digitalis purpurea ( Gloxinioides Common Foxglove )

This biennial can also be considered a perennial because it freely reseeds itself. Remember, new plants that arise from seed will not flower until the next growing season. Plants bought in nurseries are usually old enough to flower. This stately, spiked plant is a must for the cottage garden. Woolly, gray-green leaves are larger at the base of the plant, becoming smaller the further up the stalk. Tall stalks of pendulous, purple, pink or white blooms, stippled with white to pink spots on inner throat, flower from May to September and attract hummingbirds. Seeds may be sown in spring or bareroot plants set out in fall. ‘Gloxinioides’ produces wavy-edged blooms in salmon-pink, creamy yellow, purple or pink, some are richly spotted and marked inside.