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Customer Review of Vortex Magnum 2000 Fog Chiller Kit

I found out that when you order this kit, it doesn't arrive as one package. It's provided in three package, that will take over a week to receive. Two of the three pageages are drop shipped and the third comes from Darklord I assume.

The first package to arrive was the Martin Magnum 2000 smoke machine. What a beast!. As a newbie in understanding smoke machines, it took me several hour and phone calls to find out, my product was missing the correct controler. If you call the Darklord, they will tell you to read the instructions without understanding that the drop ship company could of made an error.

Not having to much support from Darklord, I had to search the net to find the product to educate myself what are the true parts Darklord was refering to. Upon my findings... yes I could of purchased the smoke machine at a lower cost and I finally found the correct instructions. Yes, now I see this smoke button but it's not on my system. I had a DMI switch instead. After calling back Darkload, they gave me the drop ship company number and they were able to send me a new part at an extra 40 dollars.

Using the Magnum 2000 is easy and produces a hell of a lot of smoke. It was so much smoke, my neighbor was thinking of calling the Fire department. Just follow the instructions and you will do ok. For me... well.. since I got the wrong system, I had to search for my instructions. You can find the Magnum 2000 instructions on website. Just look for the Magnum 2000 and verify you have all the correct parts.

The Vortex Pro is huge. I never knew it was going to be a 55 gallon garbage can. Where in the hell am I going to store this so my wife doesn't get mad?

Time to test this out. My new part for the Magnum 2000 arrived and upon discussion with the Deathlord, they stated I need a minum of 60 lbs of ice. They recommended 90 lbs... yikes. Where am I going to store 30 lbs of ice.

I loaded the ice and placed the Magnum 2000 3 inches from the Vortex intake hole as instructed. I watched the lights on the Magnum 2000 and I was ready to go.

Blast away...! Cool... look at all that smoke... Hmmm, why isn't lying down? DOH!.. it's windy.

I waited for the evening when the wind died down. It worked... the fog stayed on the ground and rolled out into the street. My son loved it... He ran through the smoke most of the night and it brought out the neighbors for inspection. Now I have to wait for Halloween. As the day arrives, the wind is strong. Will I be able to get the affect I was looking for? Will the wind die down? The anwser was NO.. dang. The wind was strong that night and the Vortex Pro tried but couldn't beat the wind.

Lessons learned.... Why did I spend $1000 dollars? Should I reviewed the internet for something smaller and a DIY project. I was able to find the DIY project and will share it with you.

Vortex Pro™  Fog Chiller

 The revolutionary Vortex Pro™ is the leading cold fog distribution system for fog chillercommercial fog and smoke machines in the world today. Bringing you more than just powerful fog cooling capacity even with large commercial fog machines such as our 1600 watt Martin Magnum 2000, the Vortex Pro™ uses nothing more than standard refrigerator ice cubes! This all-natural compression system forces the blistering hot (190 degrees) fog super cold in the blink of an eye. Tests show the vortexresulting fog at the exhaust port as low as a mere 29 degrees, a 160 degree difference! But it goes even further yet by using our patented and exclusive method of delivering the fog out to your scene without the use of fans of any kind, producing much more dense and thicker fog than any other propulsion system in use today. Affordable! Chill serious volumes of fog for up to 5 full hours with only a few dollars worth of ice (50 LBS)!

See the Vortex Pro in action                                          See All 3 Vortex Chillers

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