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  1. Droopy new foliage

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    I recently planted a very young Autumn Blaze Maple tree. It was no more than a 5' tall "twig" when I planted it, so this Spring, I was excited to see buds all over it! The new leaves are now opening up and they are soft & green, but they are curled under and limp. The stems appear to be strong, as you can fiddle with the leaves and they don't flick off like they're dead. So, I'm just wondering if this is just how the brand new leaves on this maple variety are supposed to look, or if
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  2. What are Bromeliads?

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    Bromeliads belong to the plant family Bromeliaceae. They may appear strange and exotic, but humans have been using bromeliads for thousands of years and one of our common fruits, the pineapple, is actually a bromeliad. Bromeliads are one of the most diversified plants with respect to the size, shape, texture, colour and markings that can exist among its fifty or so genera and over two thousand recognized species.

    Many bromeliads are epiphyts, (which live on other plants without being
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