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    I don't know if what I am saying is relevant to the topic but I view my gardening as a form of saving grace. I have had many turmoils in my life, lost of family members and jobs and my gardens have always been there allowing me to get through the toughest part of life by allowing me to lose myself in the daily tasks needed to maintaining it. In doing so I've sorted through my thoughts and came to peace with some of these turn of events. God gave me this gardening interest and in return it has kept me sane. I now have a high respect for gardeners because each one has a story to be told and like their gardens each one life is constantly evolving. I love gardening not only for the beauty of it but for the beauty and peace it bestows to my soul:)
    I have a very different approach to weeds than you. I look at weeds as beautiful and when properly placed, cultivated and pruned you can have a wonderful wildflower garden of weeds. I often find myself thinking about how your garden reflects the aspects of your life. I cultivate the outcasts of the garden into beautiful plants. I have a bull thistle that has survived 3 winters and looks like a woody tree, 5 ft tall. It gets an amazing bloom every year. When I got married my garden became married too, a fusion of mine and my wife's style and taste. It is really cool to think how your garden changes with you.
    You know sometimes it seems like the smallest reward or acknowledgment is enough to give us hope. This year my garden is doing better than the last few years, but is not the garden that I had before when we lived in a yard with basically no trees for shade. My garden was great then, lots of harvest. Now we have trees, shade and my garden struggles for one reason or another. How did my grandparents do this!! First of all, they had fields not a shaded back yard. I'm determined to get it right before I turn 42. Some things should just be second nature by now...right? My answer just may be in square foot gardening. I used to think I was such a great gardener, it was the sun all along