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Last year the city gave me a Thunderchild Flowering Crab for my yard & I seem to have killed it???
The tree was planted last July, full sun exposure, & did great last year. This year spring we had everything from spring snow to lots of rain, frost, you name it. The tree is now sitting dormant & don't know if it's dead or what. Where the tree sits, doesn't have very good drainage, gets full sun. It looks like the buds were coming & now nothing. Does anyone have suggestions on how to bring my tree back or is the poor tree dead? Appreciate any advice. thx alot
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    I am no expert, but I have noticed that many of my newly planted trees and shrubs dry out really fast. Either it wasn't planted deeply enough or has only had shallow watering which has caused the roots to stay at the top of the soil instead of grow deep where all the reserves are. I also see that my forsythia is starting to wilt, and I think that is a disease. I planted it this spring and it has been very healthy until now and the leaves are turning yellow. I need to find out more about "wilt" disease. That's my 2 cents. Good luck, and let me know if you learn more about this. I revived a blueberry bush this spring and it looked long gone. Now it is full and beautiful, so it's definitely worth the research and effort; in that case it was watering and soil amendments.
    The tree might still be wrapped in it's original cloth, which causes it to get root bound and not get enough water because they are usually kept in clay. If that's not it you might try adding some peat moss, just digging it in around the root ball. It could be a tree disease. You might try a fungicide like Benomyl. Good Luck!