all shade, poor draining backyard

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my backyard gets very little sun in the summer when trees have all their leaves. my lot slops--left to right and we have put 2 collector boxes at the top of the slope. the boxes drain into a dry easment behind the house.

any grass we plant, including the professionally installed sod last fall, washes away. what can we do? what can we plant that will survive shade, poor drainage and a dog?

please help, I give up!!!
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    You have to tell us your planting zone. You could also add a photo of the backyard and slope.
    Dear Tori,
    Howdy from Coach Dave and I work for The Home Depot. I deal with your concern on occasion and here is what I usually recommend. There are a variety of plants that can take more water than you can imagine like Papyrus and Horsetail (Equisetum). Papyrus grows upwards to 8 feet in some cases, whereas Horsetail grows about 3 or 4 feet. These plants are very hardy and spread pretty fast so beware.

    I've also had good luck with Salix caprea (***** willow) and Spider Plants (Saxifraga flagellaris) which grow in water if you like.

    As a last ditch effort I would recommend a physical barrier such as a retaining wall to divert the water around the area in question.

    If I can be of anymore help let me know, I'm always glad to help. I can usually be found at: Welcome to The Home Depot Community - Welcome to The Home Depot Community
    Yours Respectfully,

    Coach Dave