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    The Natural Way to Fight Algae

    THE NATURAL WAY TO FIGHT ALGAE is to use floating plants (which provide shade over the water, and they absorb nitrates and phosphates in the water which are the leading nutrients that algae consumes)...
  2. What is the best floating pond plant?

    WHAT IS THE BEST FLOATING POND PLANT? - The #1 floater, based on how well it filters the water and how fast it grows, is the WATER HYACINTH. This floating plant can really clear water, and quick. The...
  3. How to Select Aquatic Plants for a Pond

    HOW TO SELECT AQUATIC PLANTS FOR A POND - The first question to ask is, "How does my pond look?". Is it lacking plants that float ontop of the water? Does it have murky water or is the water clear?...
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