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    5. Creative Container Garden Ideas

    There are so many ways to use container gardening ideas for spring around your home and garden. A matching set of potted plants will add color and fragrance around your front door. Porch stairs can...
  2. Moist and bog garden plants for damp and wet areas

    A POND is not an essential feature of the bog garden, although its presence is to be desired when you can use the overflow to feed a marsh. It is essential, that the soil of the marsh garden be kept...
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    Top General Gardening Tips for Beginners

    It is not alwaysa necessary to plow, till, any soil. Gardens have been started sucessfully sim ply by laying newspaper or cardboard down and putitng mulch on top of that. What is important is to get...
  4. These are the easiest to plant as the vigour and...

    These are the easiest to plant as the vigour and growth habit of all the plants will be the same. Make sure you plant close enough for them to knit together into a ball of color, as there will be no...
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