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  1. Thanks for the suggestions and sharing the...

    Thanks for the suggestions and sharing the knowledge ! If you try that then kindly share your experience here with me.

    Take Care
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    Thanks Newt ! I had a great misconception that...

    Thanks Newt !

    I had a great misconception that sunflowers have only one type that we usually see in farms , cultivated to extract sunflower oil.
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    Nice Information

    I would like to add one thing that if your plant has some problem, take it to a nursery near by, they would be able to diagnose your plant well and give you a good tip to keep your plant, fit. Hence...
  4. Let me guess

    I guess those would be aphids, they are in many colors. Give jasmine a fast and heavy spray of water to get rid of them.
  5. Pumpkin is like a king , can it live on a tiny place ?

    In most parts of the world, pumpkin is basically used in sweets, pumpkin sweets are my favorite but I don't like to eat it as a vegetable. If some one want to grow it in the house, what would be the...
  6. Forums are a great source for sharing the...

    Forums are a great source for sharing the knowledge or at least for beginners forums are a great online source to learn hell of knowledge on a particular topic, spamming is a bitter problem but just...
  7. Hi

    As a gentleman, I respect your opinions and views but using an IP of Pakistan isn't harmful thing is it? I am basically from UK and just came to Pakistan for tour purpose as I heard from my friend...
  8. Gardening is my hobby which keeps me fresh

    I have recently completed my education , now I can enjoy the gardening, I am new to this forum to gather lot of knowledge and share some ideas about different aspects of gardening on a small level,...
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