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    Onion Question...

    I have both yellow & red onions which I planted from sets. They are doing really well, and a friend of mine told me that if I want big onions, that I should bend over the green scallion part so that...
  2. I have been applying it about 3-4 inches. I...

    I have been applying it about 3-4 inches. I noticed on some of my pepper plants tho that they may have been burned by the clippings. I thought that the plants might like the warmth to keep the soil...
  3. Are hot grass clippings bad for my new plants??

    Are hot composting grass clippings bad to use as mulch around my plants?
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    Growing Garlic

    Hello... I'd like to try growing garlic again this spring/summer. I'm in NJ, and all of the info I've read says its a fall plant. Can I still grow it in the summer?? What's the deal?? Thanks for your...
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