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Thread: My Hobby Farm

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    Alf has 50 years of experience working on many wild and cultivated plants in Australia. Now approaching retirement as a teacher, it is a natural progression for him to purchase and develop a hobby farm. He is developing a 5-acre hobby farm at outskirts of Melbourne 50 km from city center. Alf hopes to enjoy his lifelong passion for growing plants, especially fruit and vegetables. With the help of friends, Alf has also established an internet portal My Hobby Farm*to share his ups and downs in his own piece of paradise.

    As most of southern Australia has had below average rainfall in recent years, hobby farmers will have little chance of success without an effective water harvesting system. Alf writes in details the farming basics and the many Challenges. Other topics of interest such as crop reviews will be added. By web presence Alf hopes to share his hobby farming venture with the like-minded.

    At the contact page he hopes to hear comments, suggestions or questions, thoughts or experiences from the virtual visitors of his farm.

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    My Hobby Farm Plums. Having such a good reputation as easy-care fruit trees I expected few difficulties growing two plum trees in the farm fruit garden. Meet other hobby farmers, livestock owners, produce growers and other rural enthusiasts. My Hobby Farm Retreat offers full-service, weekend get-aways for scrappers and crafters. Alf has established an internet portal My Hobby Farm to share his ups and downs in his own piece of paradise.


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