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    Being new to aquatic gardening I would like to hear from the more experienced pond people. Do you recommend either the tool sold for the purpose of inserting fertilizer tablets into pots of aquatic plants or the tool for snagging algae and removing it from the pond. Once I have my lillies on the bottom of my pond if I do not utilise a tool for inserting the fertilizer tablets then I must climb in myself to do it. I have used an old barrel type hairbrush to snag algae and remove it from the pond but the brush does not willingly give up the algae, perhaps one of the tools sold for this purpose would be much more efficent and should certainly never wear out. I would appretiate any first hand experience information in this area.
    Thank you for sharing.

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    [align=left]For algae, use a UV filter pump.* This will control and kill most of it.[/align]
    [align=left]I dont use any fertilizers on my plants.**I*test for*salt and ph* of the pond.[/align]

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