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    [align=left]Hi everyone,[/align]
    [align=left]I'm hoping you can help me bring my Mexican Orange tree (Choisya ternata) back to life. I'm a novice gardener and bought a 6" Mexican Orange tree to sit in a container on my sunny balcony (morning sun). It did really well the first summer and even bloomed! But this winter we had some abnormally cold winter with a few snowstorms and now all the leaves are brown and drooping. There are still buds, but I'm not sure that it's still alive. I'm wondering if I should cut it back at all, or if I should just leave it for a while to see if it starts to perk back up. I hope it's not gone for good, but I don't know what to do to save it! Please help!![/align]

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    Hi Beki,

    As long as the roots didn't freeze it should survive.* You can prune off dead wood at any time.* Here's some info on your bush.

    Next time a hard freeze is expected you could either bring it indoors or wrap the pot and the plant with a sheet or blanket.* Don't use plastic as it can cook your plant if you forget to remove the plastic and the sun shines on it.


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    [align=left]One of my favorite evergreen shrubs. This Winter in Seattle mine made it through a few days of temps in the teens. It's in the ground though and it looked a little upset about it! I think the best you can do for it is to find the sunniest, warmest place to get it back on it's feet. Don't stress it with anything like repotting or fertilizing.[/align]
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