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    Hi, I'm new to the forum and have a question.* I'm a beginner gardener, and just bought a bunch of bare root plants on sale at Costco 2 days ago.* I was dubious about it, but the price was too good.* I currently have them in my fridge, but I'm not sure if I can plant them yet.* Here is the list:

    Hosta, Ostrich Fern, Dahlia, Begonia, Astilbe, Heuchera, Canna

    According to most people I talked to at work, I can't plant anything in my zone 5b until at least mid May, but I also know I can't store the bare root plants in my fridge until then either.* So, my question is should I a) plant them in a trench, b) plant them in temporary pots, or c) go ahead and put them in their permanent locations.

    Thank you!!


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    Hi Alexmom,

    You probably have your answer to your question, but just in case:
    Dahlia, canna and begonia need to be planted after all danger of frost.* You can pot them up and start them indoors if you like.

    I don't know which begonias you have, but here is tuberous begonia care.

    The containers that the plants came in should have planting instructions.* Read number 4 here for handling bare root plants.


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