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    selling a Japanese Maple

    I just moved into a home, and I have a Japanese Maple (minature) on my front lawn, which is very full- it measures about 64" by 34" and is in desparate need of a trim. I don't think I can properly take care of it.

    Does anyone know if I could sell it and for about home much? I live in PA.

    Thank you

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    I would contact a nursery wholesaler and ask them if they would take it off your hands. Personnally, I would keep it and hire a expert arborist to pruning. The tree is worth $1k retail for that size. If you move it, I would recommend using a bobcat and do it in the fall after the leaves have dropped.

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    Hi Melrud,
    I too would suggest you hire a pro if you aren't sure what to do with your maple, but they can cost lots of money at that size. There is one for sale in a nursery here that is about that size and it's priced at $3000. Take a look at these sites for some helpful info.


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