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Thread: Lamb's Ears

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    My friend gave me a whole hoard of plants from her greenhouse. Not all were able to be planted right away, but I did keep them all watered regularly. My lambs ears went limp and brown pretty quick, and now that I have done a little research on the internet, I realised I may have overwatered them AND gotten the leaves wet when I did water them. Are they gone forever or will they come back? I now have them planted in the ground, afternoon sun. What should I do? Thanks in advance for any help!!!!!

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    Sounds like a great friend!***:)* It's difficult to say if they will come back but they might.* Sometimes the tops of plants will die off but the roots still survive.* Generally, plants with silver leaves like full sun, good drainage and don't like 'wet feet'.* Make sure the spot where they are planted doesn't get overwatered.


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    They're pretty tough plants. Mine got overwated for a couple of years and looked terrible but after an intervention with my husband and his overzealous garden hose they have made a comeback and look terrific this year so don't give up on them. Make sure they're getting lots of sun.

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