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    hi everyone, my name is nate and i'm a new green thumb. this is my first time growing tomato's, or anything of the sort really, so i thought i'd post on here to get some tips. Some people have told me to pinch off leaves and what not, but really i dont see how this would be beneficial. I have two differant varieties potted in a 5 gallon bucket, probably a bad idea, but it is far to late to repot. They are howeever recieving Botanicare pure blend pro grow/bloom fertalizers. I used mirical grow's organic soil and have been feeding once a week and watering daily until i see water runoff. below are some pictures at about 34 days. they are beefsteak/cherry variety. I plan to ductape 4 broomsticks to the bucket and use thick rope to help support the branches shortly. but the stems are very thick and overral it looks super healthy. thanks in advance.

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    Hi Nate,

    Your tomatoes look great.* This site has some good growing info as well as pictures.* There's even a picture about pinching off side shoots which is probably the leaves you were told to pinch.

    I would also suggest you raise the bucket up on something like bricks or pot feet so your deck doesn't get stained.


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